by Lou Goban
IT Application Professional at Syntax

Microsoft launches Cloud PC for Windows 365 users

Introducing a new era of hybrid personal computing: the Windows 365 Cloud PC.

As some regions begin to make their way out of the challenges and disruption of the past 18 months, we’re seeing a new world of work emerge. Organizations everywhere have transformed themselves through virtual processes and remote collaboration. And as people embrace hybrid work—with people returning to the office, continuing to work from home, or some mix of the two—things will be different all over again.

The ability to work whenever, however, and wherever it’s needed has become the new normal. All employees want technology that’s familiar, easy to use, and available across devices. And in the most complex cybersecurity environment we’ve ever seen, businesses need a solution that helps their employees collaborate, share, and create while also keeping their data safe and secure.

Windows 365 will be available on August 2, 2021, to organizations of all sizes. In the meantime, you can learn more about Windows 365 now. 

Learn More on a Microsoft website.

First Look from admin standpoint

Windows 365 is your PC in the cloud. Securely stream your personalized Windows experience, including your desktop, apps, settings, and content, at any time to any device. For IT, see how easy it is, as a fully-managed service, to assign and configure Cloud PCs using familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Given the need to work remotely and securely, there has been a huge demand for cloud based solutions in the past year. Windows 365 modernizes the way Windows experiences are delivered for anyone on any device. It’s a premium experience for both end users and IT. It’s easy to use, and just as easy for IT to manage using familiar tools and processes. Scott Manchester, Partner Director of PM for Windows 365, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how it works and how to set it up.

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