by Lou Goban
IT Application Professional at Syntax

Excluding Inactive Mailboxes from Org-Wide Retention Holds

Discovering Org-Wide holds

Get-OrganizationConfig | Select -ExpandProperty InPlaceHolds

We are interested in the holds that start with “mbx”.

Excluding Org-Wide holds from inactive mailboxes

Set-Mailbox -Identity <PrimarySmtpAddress> -ExcludeFromOrgHolds "mbx9696958xxxf74ecda8a40aef97edd2c2:1", "mbx19200b8xxx8442529be070dae2fd54d3:1"

# mbx ids in the command are just for illustration

To remove all org-wide holds from a mailbox, run Set-Mailbox and pass the ExcludeFromAllOrgHolds parameter:

$mbx = Get-Mailbox -Identity <PrimarySmtpAddress>
Set-Mailbox -Identity $mbx.DistinguishedName -ExcludeFromAllOrgHolds

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